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Dryva Group is your ultimate transportation and logistics solution, providing you with state of the art service delivery and an ideal customer experience.

Who We Are

What Dryvs Us

Dryva is a mobility technology platform based in the Caribbean, which offers a variety of web and app-based services throughout Jamaica and The Bahamas. Our offerings include ride-hailing, taxi-hailing, chauffeur driving, catering delivery, and same day package services. By providing flexible work and income opportunities for drivers and delivery partners, Dryva contributes to job creation and economic empowerment. We are dedicated to collaborating with policymakers, the taxi industry, and local communities to address transportation and logistics challenges through innovative technology solutions. Dryva aims to enhance travel experiences and commercial value by establishing a reliable, efficient, and scalable transportation ecosystem that meets the evolving needs of our customers.

Our Brands

With the Dryva App, convenience is in your grasp! We offer a timely transportation solution that allows you to move around the island with just a few taps on their phone.

Dryva Courier service provides easy package delivery for individuals and SME business customers that value customer service and reliability.

We Can Take You Places

Taxi Services

Dryva App: Only a Tap Away

The app will allow you to book a Dryv in a matter of minutes. Simply select your location, choose your date and time, and be prepared to travel in style. With Dryva:

Car Rental Services

Dryva Rentals: Why Wait?

Looking for a convenient and secure car rental service? Dryva Rentals is here for you. Your weekend vacation will never be the same. Dryva Rentals and be guaranteed: